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Have a Great Idea?
Let's Make it Happen.

2pm Solutions provide professional consulting service to startup companies with hardware engineering and manufacturing solutions leading their concept and design to real production.

How We Do

Convert Your Product Idea Into Reality

Our industrial designers, who have a good understanding of mechanical engineering, work hand in hand with the engineering teams and the production department. Molding, assembly, and certification are all considered essential elements in the manufacturing process. Our industrial designs are viable for production while maintaining a high level of creativity. It saves you time and cost by eliminating the need to restructure ineffective designs.

Quick Turnaround Time

While maintaining high-quality standards, our team works at a faster pace, with lead times that are significantly shorter than the industry average. According to our clients, our turnaround time on project deliverables is 50 to 75 percent on average faster than other engineering service companies, and our manufacturing lead time is 25 to 30 percent shorter. 2PM Solutions not only saves you money, but we also make a successful product launch.

We Work With Your Budget

With our international teams and manufacturing facilities, you take full advantage of international supply chain, not only in China, but also in South Asia, to save on labor and tarriffs. We also help you cost down your expense for small volume runs, using our leverage and relationship with owned or contracted manufacturers. For example, you can save up to 70% on tool/mold cost, and avoid high surcharge for test runs with small quantities.

Massive Resources

With multiple engineering teams experienced in a variety of categories of technology and consumer products, we are not trying to support your project with an all-around team, but to assign the right team to you, in order to deliver fast and accurately, without having to learn and pay for it. Our massive business with manufactuers in China and Vietnam benefits you leverage with them. As a startup or small business, you do not need to worry about being turned down by big manufacturers. 

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