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Engineering Support

Our engineering team covers all the comprehensive aspects of product development, such as electrical, mechanical, software, acoustic, industrial and chemical engineering. 

Engineering Design

Have a great design but lack of sufficient engineering skills? Our engineering teams can support your project from industrial, electrical, mechanical, acoustic and computer engineering specialties. Besides, we have contracted engineering consultants with average of 16 years of experience in the industry.


Nothing instills more confidence in potential investors than something tangible that proves the underlying concept of your idea. prototypes are a great way to get a feel of the form and finish of your product. With our support, what you receive is not only prototypes precisely close to real product, but priceless time saved by the quick turn over.


When do you know your product is ready for market? One of the key point is to test and verify it meet the specifications and obtain necessary certifications. Partnering with the most prestigious test labs and certification centers in the world, we help you to walk on the right way since the beginning.

Design for Manufacture
Invent to Scale

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