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Logistics Support

The quality team make sure each shipment go out with quality products. A number of clients have benefited from our cost down service.

Shipping Management

Aimed at delivering quality products in time, our production management team supervising contracted manufacturers to build production plan, SOP/WI and inspection reports. As a BoM list easily to have a few hundred parts in it, thorough management of sub-contractor lead time and IQC are usually included in our management work.


As almost mandatory processes for global industries, choosing the right import/export practices cannot simply delivery your products, but also make you a good margin thus increase the competitiveness of your products and business.


As to-market timing is vital for new products, logistics is another key factor not only affects sales but also costs. Fast and flexible almost equals to expensive for a single shipment. Our service is to manage it in the whole production process, making more space in your timeline then the significantly lower cost options become possible.

Shipping Cost Saved with Better Planning

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