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Make Your Idea
Become a Reality.

We are an engineering and manufacturing services firm that specializes in hardware consulting, support, project management, and contract manufacturing to support your product idea.

What We Do

We Help You Bring
a Product to Market

2pm Solutions provide professional consulting service to startup companies with hardware engineering and manufacturing solutions leading their concept and design to real production.

To Product

Our 2P (to-Product) program is a quick go-to solution for  companies who have initial concept with full or partial design, to create prototype or deliver product cost and time efficiently.

To Market

Our 2M (to-Market) program offers manufacturers an efficient solution to launch product with least pressure.


Our Services

Engineering Support

We cover all the comprehensive aspects of product development, such as electrical, mechanical, software, acoustic, industrial, and chemical engineering. 

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Manufacturing Support 

Our professional sourcing service helps you to find the right partner from the start. 

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Logistics Support

As to-market timing is vital for new products, logistics is another key factor not only affects sales but also costs. Fast and flexible almost equals to expensive for a single shipment. 

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Why Choose 2PM Solutions

We are a group of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs brought together to support early stage startups working on hard tech. We have pulled together the people, resources and investment capital with the goal of enabling the next generation of hard tech startups.

Clients We Have Served


Our Previous Projects

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