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Our Response to the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Global Pandemic

2PM Solutions is an Atlanta, GA based consulting company that specializes in engineering consulting, manufacturer sourcing, and crowdfund marketing for startups and small businesses. During this difficult time, we have been using our resources to help support the local, national, and global communities throughout this health crisis.

To assist those in need during this global pandemic, we donated cash, masks and other medical supplies to hospitals in the US and China. During February and March, our team invested in medical supply production while donating and selling, at discounted costs, lifesaving supplies to hospitals and businesses in China.  We also assisted small businesses and manufacturers in accessing affordably priced and donated medical supplies. Additionally, we managed to source masks, test/diagnosis kits, protective suits, goggles, gloves, disinfectants, ventilators, and other medical supplies for free. 

Within the US, our team connected medical organizations in need of assistance with manufacturers that could help facilitate mass production of medical supplies. We negotiated with larger manufacturers to secure the capacity and reduced costs necessary to provide relief for urgent needs within the national health community. 

2PM Solutions can assist in logistics, manufacturing, and procurement. Using our logistics resources, we can help secure in-time shipping despite limited international flights and procure medical supplies maintaining reduced costs for domestic governments and hospitals. Our team at 2PM Solutions wants to contribute by assisting the global community in this time of uncertainty. Please contact  us at if you require any assistance in logistics, sourcing, manufacturing, or procurement.

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