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Achieving Full Manufacturing Integration.

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

The cost-efficient solution to meet client's demand with capacity for scaling.

Client: A US based manufacturer and distributor

Service: Supply chain integration

Our supply chain integration service makes made-in-USA not any longer a dream for small business.

In 2016, We assist a client to build their local factory for their made-in-USA product lines. The client used to manufacture all their products in Asia. With their certain customers’ demand, they are required to build a made-in-USA product line for low MOQ, short turnover time and flexible delivery.

After research, our technical team found out the most cost-efficient machine option and locked the best price in market at the time. We worked with machine vendors, constructor and the client to design the floor plan and power & water systems of the factory. The factory has the capacity of injecting 15,000 laptop housing/cases per day, assembling 30,000 mechanical products and 50,000 packages in single shift.

We also developed the local and international supply chain for company operation. We sourced qualified tooling design and mold repair vendors in surrounding states, and setup two mold suppliers in China.

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