Our experienced sales team help clients create correct price plan since the beginning in order

to reach the possible sales potential over all the markets.


Unload pressure from

the costly development.

Social Media

Boost your social media traffic.


Tell your story.


Gain your company's exposure. 

Distribution Plan

Massively deploy your market.


Expand your sales online.



Our crowdfunding and pre-sale marketing program ensure product maximum exposure before it has been built, and our client to collect enough fund for development, improvement, and mass production. 85% of our clients kicked off their first mass production with thousands of orders in hand. After a product is launched, it will be pushed to over 20 countries’ markets with both online and offline distributions.

Press Release

A media report at the right time can increase the exposure of your project by hundreds of times. We partner with a number of technology, business and finance media sites, as well as a selection of active influencers to push your project to the maximum impressions, in conversion of purchases, fund, or traffic to your pages.


Distribution Plan

Partnered with over 20 major distributors all over the worlds, we help you to deploy your products into 12 countries and regions. The clients of our distribution partners are: online stores, big-box retailers, department stores, mobile carriers, and supermarkets. With the combination of online and offline services, we progressively promote your product to its maximum capacity.

Social Media

Social media is a major source for online sales or brand building. Other than an active management of your business' social medial pages, we help you manage your budget on promoting your page to get optimal traffic and steadily increasing followers.


Search Engine Marketing 

As search engine dominate over 95% of undecided page visiting, a good strategy of SEM can bring surprisingly great results to your page or store. Our advantage in SEM is the capability of managing and deploying your budget into a variety of major search engines.


Besides providing online store building and management advice, we offer an effective service of marketing your online store via online advertising and influencers, which maximum the exposure and traffic geometrically.